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10 Reasons to Have a Clean Car

Nothing beats having a clean ride. Whether you’ve had your vehicle for 10 years or 10 days, you obviously want to keep it looking showroom-fresh. Here are Speedy Sparkle’s top reasons for maintaining a spotless vehicle.

The elements can be unforgiving

When we say “elements,” we’re referring to salt, sun, bugs, sap — you get the idea. If you commute to work, your car has to deal with these challenges on a daily basis. The reality is that these elements can do quite a number on your vehicle over time. 

Just because you might not be able to control Mother Nature or CDOT’s application window of magnesium chloride doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a proactive approach to cleaning your vehicle. Trust us — we’ve seen countless good-looking cars rust and corrode all because the owners failed to understand the importance of a regular car wash.

You care about your health

Hopefully you make it a point to eat healthy, exercise, and limit your stress whenever possible. Of course, another part of maintaining good health is keeping the space around you clean and free of bacteria. This could be your home, your desk at work, and, yes, your vehicle.

The next time you wash your car, don’t just wash the exterior and zoom off to your next errand. Take a few minutes to wipe down the interior, steering wheel, console, door handles, and dashboard. Considering how much time you and your family spend in your vehicle, it’s important to keep it clean, inside and out.

Clean cars are more fuel-efficient

Here’s a fun fact: a clean car gets up to two more miles per gallon of fuel than a dirty one. Considering the price of gas, those savings add up in a hurry. So make it a habit of getting your vehicle washed and start enjoying some much-needed relief at the pump.

Everyone on the road is safer

You may not think much of dirt and grime on your vehicle. However, other drivers are likely to see your ride as a safety hazard. For one thing, a less-than-clean car is less visible to others in poor driving conditions.

Something else most drivers don’t realize is that certain mechanical parts of their vehicle are vulnerable to dirt and muck. The cleaner these parts are, the more efficiently your vehicle will function. So instead of compromising everyone else’s safety, do your part in having a clean car or truck.

You’re wanting to impress your date

Few things make a better first impression on a date than a clean car. Frankly, it shouldn’t matter if your ride is brand-new or has been racking up the mileage for several years now. An attractive, well-maintained vehicle tells your date that you take pride in what you have.

You’re looking for a new job

Between having an impressive resume and strong interview skills, you already feel pretty confident about landing that new job. But if you’re facing stiff competition, you probably need a leg up wherever you can get it. This is yet another reason we suggest having your vehicle cleaned.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Why would an employer care about the appearance of my vehicle?” Well, if the position requires you to spend a lot of time on the road, it makes sense that they would want to hire someone who values a clean car. There’s also the chance that the hiring manager will get a quick look at your car or truck when you first arrive for your interview.

You need to impress clients

This ties back to the previous point. Let’s say you land that job and are now tasked with driving around town in search of new clients and potential sales. Now your vehicle has crossed over from being solely part of your image to also being a representation of your employer.

Think about it — a client probably won’t want to discuss a deal if all they can think about is the smell of fast food in your car. So if you think there’s even a small chance of completing a business transaction with a client, be certain to clean your ride ahead of time.

You want to improve the resale value

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re in the process of selling your vehicle, take it to your local car wash before creating the listing. While your car or truck may not be in perfect condition, there’s a decent chance you’ll get a little bit more from the buyer if it’s been cleaned inside and outside. 

You have pets

We’ve touched on this in previous posts but it’s worth mentioning again. The combination of pet hair and odors can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s interior, which is why it’s important to take your ride for regular auto detailing. Don’t make the mistake of downplaying Fido’s impact on your car! 

Peace of mind

Last but certainly not least, a clean car gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Between your commute to and from work, errands, family gatherings, social outings, and road trips, you spend a great deal of time in your vehicle. Doesn’t it make sense then to always have a car that looks just as good as the day you bought it?

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See for yourself what makes us the number one car wash in Loveland and throughout Northern Colorado. Stop by Speedy Sparkle today and be sure to ask about our three-day satisfaction guarantee!

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