3 Reasons You Bring Your Car In Instead of Washing It In Your Driveway

dreamstime_xxl_36020902It’s summer in Loveland, and we’ve had some scorching days lately. You might be thinking about heading to the beach on Lake Loveland, or maybe over to Winona pool. On the weekends you might hike Horsetooth or go for a walk in Rocky Mountain National Park. There’s lots to do outside, and you might start thinking that it’s time to wash the car in the driveway.

Yeah, about that…it’s not a great idea. You might get a little cynical and say “Of course you’re going to say that, Speedy Sparkle blog! You just want us to come in for a full service car wash!” Well, yes, we do want to see you in here, but it’s not “just” because we want your business. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider using us for your auto detailing and car washing in Loveland.

Storm Drains

This is the one that most people are familiar with. When you wash your car in your driveway, all of the soap is heading down the street and into the storm drains, where it goes directly into creeks and rivers. This isn’t good for the fish and other wildlife that make use of that water as it heads downstream. We’re lucky to be one of the first users of the water after it melts off the mountains, but it’s important for us to be kind to the people and water treatment plants that are further along the Big Thompson, the South Platte, and finally the Mississippi.

Much like the soap, dirt, and grime that goes down the pipes in your home, the water that leaves a car wash heads down the drain and is cleaned and treated before it is released back into the ecosystem.


When you head out to the beach, you remember sunscreen. When you hike at high elevations, you remember sunscreen. But most of us don’t remember to use sunscreen when we’re outside washing the car. Unless you have a shaded driveway, you’re going to be outside and there’s a good chance you’ll get burned. After all, washing the car always takes longer than you think it will.


One of Speedy Sparkle’s selling points is how well we handle a full service auto detail. Besides the window washing and dash dusting, vacuuming is one of the standard services. What many people forget is just how much of a hassle it can be to drag a vacuum out into your driveway. If you don’t do that, maybe you’ll just use your Shop-Vac. But then you have to deal with the deafening noise, especially if you have the Shop-Vac in the car with you where the sounds bounce all around and damage your hearing.

Water Use

speedy 9How much water do you use when you wash a car? Five gallons? Fifty? A hundred? You probably don’t have any idea, but we do. We know what it takes to wash a car, and we use that amount of water; no more, no less. Colorado is an arid environment, and it’s important that we make the most of the water that we get from the Big Thompson and what we pipe in from the Western Slope.

We’ll Do A Better Job!

This isn’t a slam on your car washing skills. Please don’t take it personally, but we know we can do a better job. After all, we do this all day, every day, and we have the equipment that can do the most efficient job. You’ll be very happy with the service we deliver, and you won’t have to do any of the work!

Why spend all that time and water inefficiently? Stop by Speedy Sparkle and get the clean of your life!

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