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3 Things We’re Not Going to Do At Our Full-Service Car Wash

For blog after blog we’ve been telling you about everything we do at our full-service car wash. But we thought we’d let you know about what we can’t do. Sometimes it’s the limitations of our business, sometimes it’s because we won’t risk our reputation as the best car wash in the Loveland, Fort Collins, and Greeley area. So, what won’t we do?

We Won’t Rush You Through

Speedy Sparkle Car Wash can get busy. In fact, we’re coming up on our busiest time of year, when people become convinced that the snow is done and it’s time to get their car’s spring cleaning taken care of. So while we’re glad that so many people are interested in our car wash and auto detailing services, there are times when there’s going to be quite a line. (And yet people still wait, which we consider quite the compliment). But one reason the line is there is that we’re not rushing through cars; we give every customer the auto detail they paid for, and we’re not going to cut corners. Sure, a few people might bypass us because the line is so long, but we’d rather have customers come back against and again even if we lose a few who drive on because they aren’t loyal to their car wash

We Won’t Leave You Bored

Because we’re going to give you the thorough auto detailing you deserve, you might have a few minutes to wait. What is there to do? Well, we have a gift shop. What, you’ve never seen a car wash with a gift shop? Well now you have!

We also have coffee, popcorn, and a big screen TV in our waiting room, so that will make the time go faster. The kids will also be well distracted by the amount of toys we have. And if none of that appeals, why not plan your car detailing around lunchtime and stop by Sku, Subway, or Papa John’s. You can also jump across highway 287 and enjoy Sushi Zensai or Dickey’s Barbeque Pit.

We Won’t Fix Those Scratches

As much as we wish we could say that your car will be back to factory-released condition after it goes through our car wash, it’s simply not the truth. There are thousands of paints that manufacturers have used over the years, and keeping a perfect match for every car would be an impossibility. Your car will look great, and your paint will be cleaner, but you’ll need to head to a body shop or order the paint online to take care of it.

We Can’t Get Out Dents

Sorry, but we’re a car wash. We can’t get those dents out of your car, so if you have any you’ll want to head to a body shop like Blue Ribbon Auto Body.

When it comes to car washes here in northern Colorado, we can do a lot. But we’re not going to rush you through or fix your paint. But if it’s time for a car wash or full-service auto detail and you drive by, we hope you stop…even if there is a line!



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