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3 Ways Car Detailing Is Different From Home Cleaning

Full service car detail on the dash.The two biggest physical outlays of cash that most people ever make are for their home and their car. Some people (but not all!) recognize this and try to keep both as clean as possible. But car detailing and washing is considerably different from what people do for their home. Let’s take a look at how these two cleaning styles differ.

People Don’t Often Wash The Outside Of The House

Some people join our car wash club and get their car washed every week, or use car wash coupons to get a deal on a wash every month. Most everyone out there gets their car washed at least a few times a year at our speedy car wash.

On the other hand, a house might only get washed every couple of years. Some houses only get washed in the hours before they’re about to get a new coat of paint, not to be washed for another decade!


Bugs differ considerably from house to car. With a house, you want to keep everything swept up so that the ants don’t get in. Conversely, when’s the last time you saw an ant in your car?

Spiders are also throughout the home, but you’ll seldom see one in your car. Flies, those little $&%^@s, plague us in both house and car!

When it comes to bugs in your car, you’re much more likely to find wasps in your back glass that need to be cleaned out during a full service auto detail from Speedy Sparkle. We’ll also work on those melted crayons we find back there while we’re at it!

Mind the Chemicals

The chemicals that are used in house cleaning and car cleaning can be considerably different. Yes, carpet shampoos are similar, but there aren’t many places in the house that you’d use the same dashboard cleaner as we do.

One of the most important differences between the cleaners is how they dissipate. Kitchen cleaners are used in a 150-square-foot kitchen, allowing the smell to leave the room and spread itself in the living room. But the time it reaches the upstairs, there are so few parts-per-million in the air that you can’t even smell it anymore.

Cars, on the other hand, have the disadvantage of being a very confined space. The lingering cleaning smell has to dissipate very quickly, especially in the winter when most people will be driving away with their windows up. Because of this, we have to be very careful during your interior full-service auto detail.

Wipe Your Feet!

car-detail-1If it’s raining out, most people will offer to remove their shoes when they’re about to enter your home. At the very least they’ll wipe their feet on the mat before they enter.

Cars, on the other hand, get no respect when it comes to people’s feet! Not that there’s much of an opportunity to do so, so we can’t really blame them. Cars end up getting horrible gunk on the mats and floorboards, requiring auto detailing from the masters. We’ll get the rocks, mud, and stains off that are introduced by dirty shoes.

When it’s time to treat your car in the best way possible inside and out, stop by Speedy Sparkle Car Wash! We can’t clean your house, but we know every inch of your car!

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