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4 Cars We Wouldn’t Mind Stopping By Our Loveland Car Wash

You know, owning a full-service car wash sometimes has its advantages. Work here long enough and you’ll end up driving just about every model of car that’s been made in the last two decades. You’ll certainly drive every make. (More than anything, though, you’ll be pulling a lot of Toyota and Honda minivans through the quick car wash!)

But there are cars that we don’t see every day, those we’d like to see more often.


Considering how many idling cars we deal with here at our Loveland car wash, we’re more than happy to see the world heading to electric vehicles. And Teslas are certainly the king of electric cars. While the outsides are nice (and we like the gull-wing doors of the Model X), it’s the insides where they’re really cool. And we can’t deny that the 17-inch control screen is considerably easier to clean than a bunch of dials and knobs.

We’re certainly had a few Teslas through here before, and it looks like things are about to get a lot busier as Tesla unveils the Model S this month. At only 35,000, it’s about half the price of the previous models. Bring ‘em on!


It really doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen a DeLorean because scenes from Back to the Future are going to be going through your head the moment you glimpse one. In fact, there were about five of them outside of Totally ‘80s Pizza in Fort Collins this past Sunday.

We know there’s at least one of them tooling around Loveland. In fact, we saw it parked outside someone’s house over on the northeast side of Lake Loveland, so please, whoever you are, we’d love it if you came in for an auto detail some day. The good news is, even if we leave the water on, it won’t rust thanks to your stainless steel body. And don’t worry, even as you’re waiting in our comfortable waiting room for your DeLorean to be cleaned, we promise we won’t get it up to 88mph.

Lamborghini Countach

We’ve seen this one going up and down Lincoln a few times, but we can’t get our eyes on it long enough to find out if it’s the real thing or a kit car. Considering the way it sounds, we bet it’s a kit, but since we never really hear it above 40mph we can’t really be sure. If we could do a full-service car detail on it, though, we’d probably be able to tell immediately if it was actually Italian or just build around something considerably cheaper.

Modern Supercars

Remember back in the 1980s and early 1990’s when Ford Mustangs were incredibly ugly? Sure, they still had a pick-up, but they were boxy and looked wimpy.

Today, though, it’s always fun to slip into a modern muscle car, even if we can’t open it up on a racetrack. It’s especially nice when something like a Shelby or a Super Bee comes through if only to mention it to our friends later. Oh, and if anybody out there with a dirty lime green Challenger wants to stop by, we’d love to get that thing so shiny it once again hurts people’s eyes!

Stop By a Car Wash Near Me

Speedy Sparkle is more than just another car wash in Loveland. Family owned and operated, we treat each of our customers with the utmost respect and integrity. This means walking you through the different packages we offer and explaining which makes the most sense for you.

Whether you’re in a hurry and need a five-minute express wash or have a bit more time on your hands for a Deluxe Service Wash, you can count on Speedy Sparkle to deliver. We have also been named a Reporter-Herald Readers’ Choice award winner for the past six years.

We love cars and love keeping them clean. You might not have a supercar, but we’re more than happy to make it looks its best inside and out. Stop by Speedy Sparkle Car Wash today!

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