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A Few More Testimonials About Our Full-Service Car Wash


It’s been a few months now since we’ve taken a look at some of our customer reviews and responded to what they’ve been saying about us. We always love hearing from our customers, whether they’re praising us or want us to know about any problems they’ve had, so today we’ve going to take some time away from discussing why you need a full service car wash in Colorado and let our customers take over.

Let’s start with Dylan.

“Awesome customer service always get my car back super clean. Been coming here for a year now and don’t ever regret making the decision. 🙂 Best car wash in northern Colorado!”

— Dylan Mateo

So glad you wrote in, Dylan. We always like it when people say we’re the best car wash around. And the smiley face really sells it!

While every part of a car’s interior gets a bit dirty, there are some parts that get the worst of it. That place is often determined by the lifestyle of the person who owns the vehicle. Farmers track the most mud onto their floor mats. Commuters have the messiest passenger seat, usually with splotches of ketchup and grease from french fries. Considering you mention that your back seat is the big problem, we can only guess that you have kids! No matter where your car is getting the most mess, we can pinpoint the exact area so that your entire car looks as close-to-new as it possibly can.

Okay, let’s see what Barbara has to say.

“What a delightful surprise!  I was treated with friendly respect by the entire staff.  Sheldon guided me in picking the perfect services for my car’s issues, Mari  showed me how to save money by buying a service card, and Daniel answered my questions with patience and understanding.  The waiting room is clean and comfortable and I will continue to be a loyal customer.”

— Barbara Moore

Whoa, Barbara, there’s a lot to unpack there! First of all, how often can you say that something like a car wash can delightfully surprise you? After all, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that you didn’t expect to like can delightfully surprise, or a movie you originally didn’t want to see could delightfully surprise. But a full service car wash? It must be really good to make something so pedestrian so delightful!

Second, we really do teach our staff to do what’s best for our customers, because we want you back again and again. (With you saying that you’ll be a loyal customer, it sounds like we’ve done our job.) Cars really do have “issues,” as you mentioned, and we know the best way to identify and deal with them. Is there tar on your mats? Melted crayons in the back window? All of these issues have to be addressed, and we’ve seen just about every problem imaginable.

We’re also happy that you were pleased with the waiting room. Our Northern Colorado car wash might take a bit longer than the average car wash, especially at this time of year when everyone is interested in spring cleaning. But it also takes longer for one simple reason: we take our time to perform car wash services right. That’s why we provide such a comfortable waiting room with coffee, popcorn, and a big TV, as well as quite a few toys for any kiddos you happen to bring along.

Okay, one last one for today.

“My neighbor suggested this place and he keeps their vehicles in immaculate condition. The place was packed today but they got my car through in about 20 min and did a very good job. I’ll definitely come back.”

— Russ Heskett

Traditional marketing like car wash coupons are nice, and modern marketing like our website and this blog work well, there’s simply no beating word of mouth. If your neighbor’s cars are noticeably cleaner than everyone else’s and you never see them clean it, it’s pretty obvious that they have a pretty special full service car wash on their side.

Well, once again we’ve run through a few testimonials to discover exactly what people think about us (turns out they like us!). If our customers have convinced any of your out here in Fort Collins or Loveland that our auto detailing is for you, we hope you’ll stop by our big green building soon to discover for yourselves why we’re the most popular car wash in the area. See you at Speedy Sparkle!



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