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A Tale Of Two Techies: Why It’s A Good Idea To Get That Full Service Auto Detail

A Tale Of Two Techies: Why It is a Good Idea To Get That Full-Service Auto Detail

Let’s imagine two different single guys, Bill and Chuck. They’re pretty much the same when it comes to income, house, tech jobs, etc. And they just happened to buy the same car on the same day. Bill commutes from Loveland to Greeley, and Chuck commutes from Fort Collins to Longmont, so they’re both spending a fair amount of time in the car, sometimes having lunch or breakfast  in it.

But Bill and Chuck end up treating their cars very differently, and one of them suffers the consequences.

Here’s the cheat sheet:

Bill = Speedy Sparkle Car Wash user (sometimes uses our car wash coupons)

Chuck = Gets his car washed once a year, never detailed

So, why is Bill going to win life just by using our full service car wash?

Resale: Bill knows that a clean car has a significantly better resale value. Because he’s invested in a little full service car wash and auto detailing action, the soda he spilled on the dash didn’t discolor the dash material, and the mag chloride didn’t rust the undercarriage of his car.

Chuck, on the other hand, treated his seats like a napkin. Now it wouldn’t have been such a big deal if he’d had the seats shampooed every so often, but he never had his car detailed and the Northern Colorado heat and intense UV rays caused his upholstery to tear prematurely. When he goes to sell his car, he’s going to get considerably less for it than Bill does.

Social Interactions: Bill and Chuck have friends. They both work five days a week and have co-workers. And they go on dates.

Bill is able to drive when his friends ask him for a ride because his car isn’t filled with trash. Bill makes his co-workers appreciate him by offering to drive to lunch, and his dates appreciate his nice clean car.

Chuck is known as “the ride moocher” when he and his co-workers head out for lunch. Chuck’s date says “ewww” when he opens the door for her, and she fears ever seeing his home because it might look and smell the same. Chuck is out of luck, all because he doesn’t see the benefit of auto detailing.

Comfort: You’ve heard the phrase “clean house, clean mind.” It could also be said “clean car, clean mind.” Having a clean car inside and out simply declutters the mind.

Bill no longer has to deal with that pile of tissues that he’s tossed on the floor and never wants to touch again. Bill doesn’t have to look at the ketchup that’s dried on his passenger seat, because the full service auto car detail he got at Speedy Sparkle took care of that. Bill can think of other, more important things.

Chuck, on the other hand, thinks “I’ve got to get this thing cleaned out soon” every time he gets into his car. Chuck is depressed every time he depresses the gas pedal. (We’ll take a moment while you recover from laughing so hard. Done? Okay…)

So, it’s not just about the look of your car, but about how it affects you life. Bill will get more money when he goes to sell, he’ll be able to be the “good buddy” (and maybe make some gas money) when his friend or coworkers need a ride, and his mind is clear to think about things that aren’t “this car smells like a bean burrito.”

Be like Bill! Check out all of our full service car washes right here.

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