Adventures in Car Washing…

This past April, our fearless Speedy Sparkle leaders ventured to Las Vegas for the International Car Wash Show.

The Show is the largest convention of its kind, offering a meeting ground for the top decision makers and innovators that make the car wash industry what it is (are you ready to book your tickets for the 2016 show yet?).

While perusing the newest and noteworthy soaps and services, we came to a major conclusion about Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we ARE doing what we set out to do.

In 2009 when we rebuilt Speedy Sparkle our mission was to assure a wash service that was both safe and effective. The Belanger equipment we installed was, and still remains, the Mercedes Benz of car wash equipment.

Last June we underwent further upgrades by installing a much larger and more powerful Vacutech system. Vacutech is a worldwide leader that really does suck, allowing us to do a better job of vacuuming your car, and in less time.

Every day we ask ourselves what we can do to deliver a better, faster, and safer wash. We left the International Car Wash Association Trade Show with a few new tricks and industry friends, but also with the assurance that we are fulfilling our commitment and mission to providing a superior service. We really work hard to make sure you are happy. Because, if you are not happy, we are not happy!

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