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Another Review From A Full Service Car Wash and Auto Detailing Customer In Fort Collins

Get the best in auto detailing with Speedy Sparkle Car Wash coupons.Every so often we like to pull out a customer review and find out what they’re saying about us. We’re happy to report that many times it’s praise, which is good because it’s important for us to know that we’re doing the right thing. Other times they might give us a suggestion, and those are equally important. Let’s take a look at what Mim N. has to say about us.

“They are so friendly, great pricing, and do a wonderful job. In their waiting room they have a locked box and next to it a form you can fill out on how they are doing and how they can improve. A few days later I checked my email (I left my email on the form) and received a wonderful response from a manager about my feedback to them. It felt great knowing what I said actually got to someone and that they care. Couldn’t be more satisfied!”

— Mim N.  

Thanks for the kind words, Mim. We specifically hire our employees based on two of the criteria you mentioned: how friendly they are and the ability to do that wonderful job. Good workers can be hard to find, but we know it’s worth the time we spend vetting each potential employee to retain our reputation as the best full-service car wash around. Also, we do our best to make Speedy Sparkle a place that people from Fort Collins and Loveland want to work at, so we tend to attract the best car wash workers around. (Hiring the best also means that training goes much faster, and reprimands are less frequent.)

You also mention filling out one of our customer response cards, and we’re so glad you did. Customers can smile and say kind things to us in person, but the customer cards we provide allow them to really tell us how they feel, anonymously if they wish. We truly are full service car wash 1interested in what our customers have to say. Our manager is invested in the company and makes sure to take each and every one to heart, and, as you noticed, is quick to address any concerns our customer have. We’re certainly glad that you “couldn’t be more satisfied!”

If you’d like to leave a response like Mim did, you don’t even have to be here to do it. Simply contact our full-service car wash with any complaints, praises, or suggestions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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