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April showers bring May flowers, and bugs, pollen, and tree sap!

The (plentiful) April showers have brought May flowers and last winter has almost been forgotten. That doesn’t mean it is time to ease up on your exterior car maintenance. Yes, the Magnesium Chloride has already become a distant and chilly memory, but warmer weather brings with it a new series of concerns. 

Exterior assaults from acid rain, bird poop, pollen, bugs, and tree sap can all cause serious damage to the paint and surface of your vehicle. Leave your car parked in the hot sun, and the damage will be intensified.

Regular washing is one of the keys to keeping these acidic and unsightly blemishes from digging into your cars finish. Don’t give them the chance to damage your paint because there is no going back.

Let Speedy Sparkle Car Wash affordably defend your car’s finish and value for you. The Shine On! Unlimited Car Wash Club is a great way to keep your car looking good, and help retain its value. It doesn’t matter how often you bring your car in for a wash, your low monthly cost remains the same, and your car will always look great!

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