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Are You An Uber Driver? You Need Our Full Service Auto Detailing

Do you drive for Uber? If so, you know how important it can be to keep your car, van, or SUV looking its absolute best. People are judging you not only by your friendliness and punctuality, but also by the cleanliness of your vehicle.

We’re sure you clean up a little bit every day, making sure that empty water bottles and tissues are removed and discarded. But every vehicle ends up needing a deeper cleaning from time to time. Shoes leave marks on the inside of the door, customers spill the occasional soda into the cup holder, and floor mats collect the detritus of the seasons. That’s why it’s so important to bring your Uber vehicle into Speedy Sparkle Car Wash for a full-service auto detail. Why?

It Makes People More Comfortable

Sometimes Uber drivers forget that the people you’re picking up on your car are customers. It can be easy to think of them as “another $9 in my pocket.” But they are your customers as well as Uber’s, and you want to see them again and again. Making them comfortable in a car that has been detailed is a great way to ensure that you’re able to…

Keeps Your Ratings Up

Is there any more important reason to regular auto detailing than that it will keep your ratings up? Honestly, no. Anything less than a perfect five stars on Uber is costing you money, because, oddly, absolutely every driver has a perfect five stars. If you get just one bad review because your car isn’t properly detailed, you’re suddenly at the bottom of the barrel.

Those Special Riders

Most of the people you’re picking up in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley fall into two categories: those who simply don’t own a car, or those who have had a couple of drinks and are making the responsible decision to not drive. But every so often you’re going to get that one really drunk guy, and he’s going to do what really drunk guys do…puke in your car.

So what do you do? Do you really want to clean it up yourself? And if you do, what are the chances that you’re going to get it cleaned well enough that there won’t be a lingering smell? That’s where a full-service car wash like Speedy Sparkly can give your vehicle the cleaning it needs to be clean enough to be an Uber car again. And speaking of which…

It’s Required

You read your Uber contract, right? Well, you skimmed it, at least. And if you didn’t even get to that point, let’s fill you in: Uber requires that you keep your car clean. It doesn’t detail exactly how clean you have to keep your car, but it is a requirement. In the end, it’s not Uber that will be checking up on you, but you do need to keep it clean so that no one complains. A single complaint about the cleanliness of your vehicle could get you kicked out of the business for good.

If you drive for Uber along the Front Range, it’s incredibly important to put your best foot (or in this case wheel) forward every time you pick up your next customer. Be sure to stop by Speed Sparkle Car Wash and we’ll give you the ultimate car detailing available.


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