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Are you really going to drive from Fort Collins for a car wash?

Auto detailing in Loveland, CO.If you’re looking for a full-service auto detailing in Loveland, the answer is obvious: Speedy Sparkle car wash is centrally located and is pretty much 10 minutes away from just about anywhere in the city. But if you live in Fort Collins, you might be looking at a 20 or 25-minute drive to get here to Speedy Sparkle Car Wash. Will you really drive just to get and excellent detailing? Well, many of our customers do, and here’s why.


When it comes to full-service car washes, you just can’t beat Speedy Sparkle Car Wash. Whether you’re here for a simple outside detail of your car or a full-blown auto detailing, we’re going to give your our best every time. If you want your car looking as close to new as possible, we’ve got the tools and knowhow to get it there.


Ever notice that things in Fort Collins are just a bit more expensive than those in Loveland? For instance, the prices at chain restaurants will be asking just a bit more when you’re at the FC location. So check around, and, because you can’t beat the quality, we bet you’ll find that you can’t beat the price either.

While You Wait

If you’re driving from Fort Collins, you’re probably going to stick around while we take to the time to do your car detailing right. So why not schedule it over lunch and head across the street to Sushi Zenzai. Or go over to SKU Grill for some kebabs, just 100 feet away. You can also enjoy our free wifi and relax in our lobby. Catch up on all those emails you’ve been avoiding!

Trust us, coming to Loveland for a full-service auto detail is worth it. Stop by and get the best you can for your car.

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