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Car Care Myths From Your Loveland Car Wash

Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is a locally-owned, environmentally-friendly car wash and detailing business in Loveland, Colorado. Speedy Sparkle is committed to assuring that customers enjoy their experience while receiving prompt, courteous attention. Take a drive down any road in America and you’ll quickly see that there are several different levels of what people consider a “clean” car. Today we’re here to set the record straight and dispel some common car care myths.

1. Dish washing liquid is safe to use to wash your car. False! In actuality, it strips everything from the surface of your car – this includes dirt AND polymers off the paint surface. This means that dish washing liquid accelerates the oxidation process of your car paint.

2. Washing and cleaning are the same. Car washes focus on the exterior of the car and remove any dust and debris that has built-up. It’s a great way to maintain the wax and paint finishes on your car by removing anything that could damage it without being overly time consuming. On the other hand, car cleanings are more detailed, take more time to complete and are recommended to be done at least a few times a year.

3. Eliminate swirl marks by waxing. Swirl marks, aka scratches on the paint surface, can only be removed by getting to the bottom of them. You can fix them depending on how deep the scratch is. A micro-fine scratch can be fixed with a non-abrasive paint cleaner. If it’s a moderate scratch, it may require something a bit more serious. Deep swirl marks will likely require professional help.


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