Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Spring Cleaning is just as important for your car as it is for your home. Every time you enter your car, you track in dirt, gravel, and debris. Add in the winter slush and chemicals, and chances are, you’ve given your car mats and carpet a workout over the last few months. A clean interior is not only pleasing to look at and a more comfortable drive, it also helps to protect your investment. Let Speedy Sparkle Car Wash take care of your car’s interior for you. We have several options available that will make your time spent on the [...]

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A Wash a Day Keeps the Dirt Away…

Regular washing is not just about keeping up the appearance of your vehicle, it's about keeping the value. Salt, dirt, and magnesium chloride WILL damage your car if left unattended. It can be easy to play the waiting game when it comes to washing your car this time of year; "I'll go to the car wash after the next snow," or "I'll wash my car at home the next warm day." These can be dangerous practices. Leaving salt and chemicals on your car for any amount of time can lead to corrosion and rust. The beauty of our "Shine On" [...]

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Here are a Few Reasons You Should Visit Your Loveland Auto Detailing Shop on a Regular Basis

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities and will take its toll on your wallet or pocketbook. Besides the cost of your vehicle, you need to fill the tank, pay insurance premiums, register and tax fees need to be paid as well as maintenance and repair costs. But the one thing you can do that will preserve the value of your car is to keep it clean. The general upkeep and cleaning of your car will reduce the chances of corrosion and rust, which will save money in the long run and give your car better resale value. [...]

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Auto Detailing in Loveland

You are someone who likes to let the rain do the washing on your car, know that there is no better place for you to get auto detailing in Loveland to keep the inside of your precious car squeaky clean! At Speedy Sparkle Car Wash we understand that it has been non-stop rain and wind, meaning dirt leaving grime spots on your car on a daily basis. If you are okay with that because the rain will wash it off in a few hours anyways, you should know where to turn for the inside cleanliness of your car. You car [...]

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How to Clean your Tires — Auto Detailing in Loveland

Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is the premier car wash in 80537! Our auto detailing in Loveland is one that you can’t pass up. Because we are the best, we want to give you tips that you could use to keep those tires shining black and strong. If you are looking for a quick way to shine up your tires and make them sparkle more than ever without having to drive to our detailing service in Loveland, look no further. First off, let’s talk about the miles you drive everyday. There are many different agents on the roadways that can stick [...]

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Auto Detailing Service for Perfection in Loveland

The rainy season is about to begin now that it is May. You know the saying,”April showers bring May Flowers!” Have you had your car washed from the recent rain and wind we have had here in Loveland, Colorado? With all of the dust blowing around we know your car could use a car wash and detail service. To even better our reputation we have car wash coupons in Loveland available on our website so you can get that much needed car wash today if you so wish! Not only are we the best in Loveland when it comes to [...]

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Get the Mag. Chloride Off Of Your Car Today – Get a Car Wash in Loveland

What is with this Colorado weather? If you are a native of Colorado, you are use to this crazy weather of -11 degree days and the sporadic change of 60 degrees in mid February. The cold is causing many wicked snow storms that is blanketing Loveland in white. We have been getting use to seeing all the CDOT trucks out and about spraying the icy, slick roads with magnesium chloride to make our drive safer.  Luckily, if you aren’t a snow lover, today the snow is melting off fast! The roads are wet and the magnesium chloride is now appearing [...]

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