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What’s Hiding in Your Carpet?

Have you ever been house hunting, walked into a house, and known right away that the occupants smoked, or had multiple pets? It can be a real turn off, and the same goes for your car. A clean and tidy interior is the best way to protect your vehicular investment and enjoy your ride. Carpets act like a trap for pollutants and dirt. The more you use them, the more they collect, and dirt is abrasive. Every time you step on dirty carpet you are wearing down the fibers, damaging your car, and even damaging your shoes! Vacuuming is a [...]

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Why It’s Important To Use Auto Detailing For Your Commercial Vehicle

If you have a vehicle that has your business name on it, think about why you got a wrap, sticker, or magnetic cling put there in the first place. The answer is obvious: to advertise your business. So why is it so important to make sure of auto detailing if you have a business vehicle? On the outside: When you’re stuck in traffic (no, wait, this is’re not getting stuck in traffic unless there’s a wreck or a train...or if you’re out by Loveland High School between 4-5...actually, Loveland is getting pretty busy, isn’t it?). Or maybe you’re at [...]

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A Better Wash at Speedy Sparkle!

As you have most likely seen, Speedy Sparkle Car Wash will be implementing a price increase on August 1st, 2015. Price changes are a necessary evil of doing business, for both producers, and consumers. As the cost of doing business rises, so must the prices. It is important to us that our customers understand, that along with higher prices, you are getting a better wash. Since Speedy Sparkle Car Wash was rebuilt in 2009 we have committed ourselves to providing a better, faster, and safer wash. We have done so by installing top of the line Belanger tunnel equipment, a [...]

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What’s It Mean To Be The Best Car Wash In Loveland, CO?

Let’s just come out and say it...we think we’re the best car wash in Loveland, for both interior and exterior detailing. But what makes us think that, and what can we say to convince you? Well, we really know what we’re doing when it comes to... The Outdoor Grime - The stuff that gets on a car can stay on there for years if you don’t know how to get it off correctly. Good thing we do know the best way to do your auto detailing, and the best solutions to getting off the winter mag chloride and the summer [...]

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Who Uses Auto Detailing In Loveland, CO?

For some people, cars are completely utilitarian…they’re just a way to get from point A to point B, and they really have no interest in taking care of them. They spill ketchup on the seats, bang their doors into walls, and let the garage door come down on the bumper. These are not the people who come to an auto detailing site like ours! So why are so many of us interested in taking care of our cars? Why are we interested in keeping our cars looking their best? Comfort - For many of us, a clean car just brings [...]

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Adventures in Car Washing…

This past April, our fearless Speedy Sparkle leaders ventured to Las Vegas for the International Car Wash Show. The Show is the largest convention of its kind, offering a meeting ground for the top decision makers and innovators that make the car wash industry what it is (are you ready to book your tickets for the 2016 show yet?). While perusing the newest and noteworthy soaps and services, we came to a major conclusion about Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we ARE doing what we set out to do. In 2009 when we rebuilt Speedy Sparkle our mission was to assure [...]

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April showers bring May flowers, and bugs, pollen, and tree sap!

The (plentiful) April showers have brought May flowers and last winter has almost been forgotten. That doesn’t mean it is time to ease up on your exterior car maintenance. Yes, the Magnesium Chloride has already become a distant and chilly memory, but warmer weather brings with it a new series of concerns.  Exterior assaults from acid rain, bird poop, pollen, bugs, and tree sap can all cause serious damage to the paint and surface of your vehicle. Leave your car parked in the hot sun, and the damage will be intensified. Regular washing is one of the keys to keeping [...]

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One Of Our Favorite Speedy Sparkle Car Wash Reviews

When you’re looking for auto detailing in Loveland, we know that you have choices. While we’re the most full-service car wash you’re going to find, you could make the choice to go with a competitor. When you’re trying to decide which full-service car wash to use, there are quite a few places where you can find reviews online, but it can be hard to figure out which are real and which one is just the owner’s brother doing him a favor. As a Top Rated Local® participant, you can trust the Speedy Sparkle Car Wash reviews you’ll find at here. [...]

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Why Keep Your Car Looking Good Inside And Out With A Full Service Car Wash?

  You might not care how much your car gets dinged, or how dirty it is. You might think that you’re going to run your car into the ground and that there’s really no reason to keep it looking good because, hey, you’re never going to sell it. So let’s give you a real world example...we know of someone who didn’t treat his car right, inside or out. He’d bump doors with people, leaving paint behind or picking some up. He’s let the garage door come down on his rear bumper, leave the mag chloride on the car all winter [...]

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Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Spring Cleaning is just as important for your car as it is for your home. Every time you enter your car, you track in dirt, gravel, and debris. Add in the winter slush and chemicals, and chances are, you’ve given your car mats and carpet a workout over the last few months. A clean interior is not only pleasing to look at and a more comfortable drive, it also helps to protect your investment. Let Speedy Sparkle Car Wash take care of your car’s interior for you. We have several options available that will make your time spent on the [...]

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