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Coffee and Fleet Vans: Why Our Customers Love Our Full Service Car Wash


dreamstime_xxl_61078303It’s time once again to take a few minutes to reply to some of the comments our customers have written. We love it when we hear from them (and you, if you write in) and having the chance to respond to questions, concerns, and comments our customer have. Let’s take a look…

“It’s quick easy. I get my car washed at least once a week. I love the popcorn and coffee.”

— Rick B.  

Thanks, Ricky! (Can we call you Ricky? No? Rick it is, then.) So glad to see you every week. We always do our best to…scratch that, we always do our best, period! We’re glad the entire process is so easy on your schedule, and we make sure to have the coffee as fresh as possible. As for the popcorn, there aren’t too many full-service car washes in Loveland, Fort Collins, or Greeley that can offer that, are there?

“I use Speedy Sparkle for my personal vehicle and they always do a great job. I recently referred them for a complete detail job with my employer for their fleet vehicle for a new employee. They picked it up promptly and delivered as promised. It looked brand new inside. I was very pleased. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with at Speedy Sparkle is very professional and courteous. It is my pleasure to refer them to others.”

— Susan B.

full-service-car-wash-1So glad you’re happy with both your personal vehicle and your employer’s fleet vehicle. What you’re seeing there is what all small businesses like us thrive on — referrals and word of mouth. If we didn’t treat every customer with the utmost respect and clean their car down to the finest detail, we’re not just missing out on that customer’s business, but all of the great business they could send us down the road. As you noted, Susan, we’re always professional and courteous. That’s not just to keep customers, it’s the right thing to do!

Here at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we’re dedicated to bringing the best full-service car detail and washing to the people of the front range, whether they’re individuals or businesses. Stop in and we’ll take care of all those fall leaves in your car!




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