Get the Mag. Chloride Off Of Your Car Today – Get a Car Wash in Loveland

What is with this Colorado weather? If you are a native of Colorado, you are use to this crazy weather of -11 degree days and the sporadic change of 60 degrees in mid February. The cold is causing many wicked snow storms that is blanketing Loveland in white. We have been getting use to seeing all the CDOT trucks out and about spraying the icy, slick roads with magnesium chloride to make our drive safer.  Luckily, if you aren’t a snow lover, today the snow is melting off fast! The roads are wet and the magnesium chloride is now appearing all over your beautiful car. What are you to do about getting that magnesium chloride off? Here at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash in Loveland, we have the solutions you need!

We can give your car the wash and detail of its dreams so you can feel clean again. All of our full service car washes will scrub all of that filmy debris and dirt that has the damaging magnesium chloride in it off of your car. Save your car from the embarrassing corrosiveness that the magnesium chloride can graciously provided you with.

The best solutions to avoiding any damage from the magnesium chloride that has been getting dumped on the roads is by getting a weekly car wash. If you can’t afford a weekly car wash, we can provide you with car wash coupons so you can fit it into your weekly or monthly budget! What are you waiting for? Today is gorgeous, let you car be free of the magnesium chloride with the help of our auto detailing, Speedy Sparkle Car Wash today!


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