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Happy Holidays From Speedy Sparkle!

Time is running out for you last-minute holiday shoppers. Maybe you’re about to head to the mall in hope that a certain electronic, outfit, or pair of shoes is still in stock. This holiday season, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, why not opt for a much more practical gift — such as a clean car?

Speedy Sparkle has been voted the best car wash in Loveland for six consecutive years and counting. A gift certificate from Speedy Sparkle really is the perfect stocking stuffer. Keep reading to learn more about our full-service car wash.

The Best Car Wash Deals

There is no “one-wash-fits-all” approach at Speedy Sparkle. That’s why we offer various packages and a la carte options to meet every customer’s needs. Stop by Speedy Sparkle for any of the following washes:

  1. Exterior – Don’t have more than a few minutes to spare but still want a clean ride? Our Exterior Washes include a tunnel wash, spot-free rinse, undercarriage wash, and more depending on which option you choose.
  2. Full-Service – Our most popular package is the Basic Full-Service Wash. It includes a tunnel wash, spot-free rinse, hand-dry, vacuuming, window cleaning, and a dusting of your dash and console areas. Did we mention this package is just $16.95?
  3. Deluxe – Some customers want a vehicle that looks showroom-fresh, inside and out. Speedy Sparkle has you covered with several Deluxe Service Washes. Take the Emerald package, for example, where we hand-apply protective and restorative dressing to interior, non-seating surfaces after our Ultimate Wash.

Professional Auto Detailing Services

Have you been searching everywhere for reliable auto detailing in Northern Colorado? Look no further than Speedy Sparkle. We are well-versed in maintaining and restoring vehicle exteriors, even if your car or truck has damage from tree sap, ultraviolet damage, oxidation, and/or tar.

Here are some of the car detailing services we have to offer:

  • Exterior – The Speedy Sparkle team will wash and dry your vehicle, restore paint, polish chrome, and even condition tires and trim. As a finishing touch, we apply 100 percent Carnauba Wax formulation for a bright, tough shine.
  • Interior – Can’t remember the last time you cleaned the inside of your car or truck? The Speedy Sparkle Interior Detail package includes cleaning of door/trunk jambs, vacuuming, shampooing of carpet and upholstery, and conditioning of all vinyl, rubber, and leather.
  • Mini Detail – Treat your vehicle this holiday season to an Ultimate Full-Service Car Wash, shampooing of carpet and upholstery, conditioning of leather, vinyl, and rubber, and an application of the aforementioned Carnauba Wax on the exterior.

Enjoy a Clean Car Whenever You Want

How would you like to have a clean vehicle every day? Now you can when you join Speedy Sparkle’s Unlimited Wash Club. Take your pick from the Unlimited Speedy Light Wash, Unlimited Speedy Wash, Unlimited Basic Wash, and Unlimited Ultimate Wash depending on your preferred level of clean.

From all of us at Speedy Sparkle, we wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

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