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Hey, It Snowed! The Seven Day Forecast Says Come On In For A Full Service Car Wash!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We’d say that was a pretty nice snow we had for the holidays…pleasant to look at but not debilitating for driving.

We’re taking a look at the seven-day forecast, and we’ve notice that there’s really nothing coming down the pike for a while, so you know what that means…time for a full service car wash! Why?

Get that dust off: During the warm months, people are always joking about how it rains right after they get their car washed. At first glance, why should it matter…water is water, right? Nope! Rain drops in the sky form around dust particles i thought it was dirt…, so when the water evaporates after it hits your car it leaves the dust behind. It’s a similar situation with snow, where it leaves its dust behind when the snow melts.

Get the mud off: You don’t just have to worry about the dirt from above! The most obvious problems are on the bottom half of your car, all the slush and mud getting thrown up on the sides, especially behind the wheels. This is certainly what makes your car look its worst, so make sure to come in and get it cleaned off.

Get the mag chloride off: If you live in a neighborhood, you’ll often notice that the sides streets might be covered in compacted snow while the main streets are already clear. That’s the de-icer they put on the streets, most often a salt called magnesium chloride. Many people like to get this off their car as quickly as possible in order to protect their paint and the undercarriage of their vehicle.

So what happens if the forecast is wrong and we get snow soon? Well, you’re still in luck because we offer an exclusive 3 Day Clean Car Satisfaction Guarantee. You can come back for up to three days after your wash for a complimentary touch up. You’ve got nothing to lose, so stop by Speedy Sparkle Car Wash today!

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