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How Can A Full Service Car Wash Keep You Out Of Trouble?

Some people think of getting a full service car wash as just an aesthetic decision. But sometimes it turns out to be much more than “just a car wash.” Sometimes auto detailing can help you in ways that you might never have imagined.

Vacuuming Up The Food

It’s always a good idea to get auto detailing done around spring, just before summer. Why? It’s all that food that you lost in winter! The french fries, the gobstoppers, the gum that you might have dropped down between the seat…all of these have been sitting there relatively innocently over the winter. But when June gets here and your car is sitting out in a parking lot all day, that food is going to heat up and start to stink. Worse yet, it’s going to melt, which will make it much more difficult (or impossible) to get off of your floorboards and upholstery.


Like this, but under your seats.

Save yourself food hassle by stopping by our full service carwash.

What Will We Find

We were detailing a guy’s car the first week of April and found one of his W-2 forms. Apparently he put his mail down on the center console and it had slid off and down between the seats. Of course he’d looked for it everywhere in the house with no luck. He’d requested a new one from his employer but it wasn’t going to get to him in time for the April 18 taxes. He saved himself a lot of trouble by getting a full service auto detail from us.

Lowering the “Ick” Factor

Let’s say that you’re on a date, and the person you’re wooing drops something down under the seat (probably their phone). They reach to get it and all they come back up with is a dirty tissue. How’s that gonna work out for you?speedy 4

Having a full service car detail performed is an excellent way to freshen your car and prevent a few sticky problems. Whether you’re in Loveland or are coming from Fort Collins or Greeley, Speedy Sparkle is ready to give you the best service around!


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