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How Getting A Full-Service Car Wash Can Make You Safer

When most people think of a trip to the car wash, they’re concerned about the look of their car. Maybe they have a new car and want to get it looking as nice as possible. Or perhaps they’ve been down a bunch of gravel roads and are looking to get the dust off.

So when most people head to a full-service car detail, they’re not often thinking about safety. But the fact is that a trip to the car wash can actually make you safer when you’re out and about driving. Let’s take a look at how this might happen.

Prevent Projectiles

When we perform auto detailing on your vehicle, we’re going to help you throw some stuff away. We’ll get rid of the fast food bag and the french fries that fell out of it months ago. And when so much of the obvious junk is removed, it’s going to draw your attention to other things that are in your back seat. For instance, maybe we’ll find an umbrella (or two or three) that would be better off in the trunk. Or maybe we’ll find an ice scraper that should head to the trunk alongside the umbrella. Hey, how about that heavy folder of CDs that you haven’t opened since you started using your cell phone to play music?

Why is it so important to keep solid objects out of your car’s cabin? Because they can be harmful projectiles during a car crash. If you are involved in a rollover, all of those unnecessary items are going to flying around the inside of your car, possibly harming the occupants.

Clean Windows

It will be nice in a decade or two when every car is a self-driving model, but for now it’s important that we see out of the windows!

The fog and grime that builds up over time on the inside of your windows isn’t usually that big a deal. And unless you’ve been mudding, the amount of dirt and dust on the outside of the glass probably isn’t going to obscure your view that much…until it does. Because there will be those times that you’re driving into the sun and the glare hits your windshield just right (or in this case, just wrong) which will obscure your view much worse than if you had a professionally-detailed windshield.

The Mag Chloride

Luckily we had a fairly mild winter here in Loveland and along the Front Range this winter, but there were still a few times where the city dropped de-icing agents on the roads.

Much has been written about the negative effects of magnesium chloride on a car, and in many cases the problems that car owners complain about are merely cosmetic. The real problem they should be watching out for is the effect that it has on the parts of the car that really matter. Not only can this vile chemical cause problems with a car’s rubber hoses, but it can also affect the brake lines! While a broken hose might strand you by the side of the road, a chemically-eaten brake line is much worse!

We want you and your car safe, and that’s where a full-service auto detail comes in. Stop by Speedy Sparkle and get your vehicle safe to drive!

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