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How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Rarely do two car owners agree on what makes a vehicle “clean.” For some, a clean car means that the exterior and interior are absolutely spotless. Others, however, might not mind a bit of dust and mud caked on the doors and windows.

Now for the million dollar question: how often should you wash your car? It actually depends on a number of factors, including the following:

  1. Location – We are fortunate to call the beautiful city of Loveland our home. Whether you’ve lived in Northern Colorado for several decades or several months, you’re well aware that this is an area with lots of trees. Why is this noteworthy? Well, especially if you make the drive up to the mountains frequently, then chances are that sap gets on your vehicle more often than you originally thought. This sticky substance can certainly wreak havoc on a vehicle’s exterior.
  2. Distance and frequency of your drive – Think about your daily commute to work (aside from the crazy drivers and bumper-to-bumper traffic). The more you drive your car, the more it’s exposed to dirt, dust, bugs, mud, and other potential threats to your paints and finish. If you heavily rely on your car or truck and want it to continually look the part, then we recommend heading to the nearest car wash.
  3. Weather – “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes.” Longtime Coloradans have heard that for years. It’s common for your vehicle to be exposed to heat, cold, snow, and heavy winds within a 24-hour period. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly a good combination for a clean car.
  4. Storage of your vehicle – Drivers who store their vehicle in a closed garage probably won’t need a car wash as often as those who park on the street. Especially if you park under trees on occasion, your vehicle becomes exposed to dust, debris, sap, etc.
  5. Appearance – You pride yourself on driving an always immaculate car. While other drivers may overlook those bird droppings and newly spattered bugs on the windshield, you can’t stand them. Regular trips to the full service car wash are a must if you prefer your vehicle to look showroom fresh.


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