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How to Clean your Tires — Auto Detailing in Loveland

Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is the premier car wash in 80537! Our auto detailing in Loveland is one that you can’t pass up. Because we are the best, we want to give you tips that you could use to keep those tires shining black and strong. If you are looking for a quick way to shine up your tires and make them sparkle more than ever without having to drive to our detailing service in Loveland, look no further.

First off, let’s talk about the miles you drive everyday. There are many different agents on the roadways that can stick to your wheels. There are enabling corrosive elements that end up damaging your brake pads and tires! Because of this, cleaning and washing your tires thoroughly and often is a necessity.

  1. It is a great idea to wash your tires and wheels separately from the rest of your car. Having a separate bucket of soap is key to giving a great wash. With all of the muck you will be cleaning off of those dirty wheels, you won’t want to use the same water on the rest of your car.

  2. Using a tire cleaner is a great idea! There are many different tire cleaners out there to choose from, but make sure you buy one that can remove the corrosive elements that can destroy your tires.

  3. Scrub those tires! Using a rough brush that is bristled is essential to remove all of the elements from the wheels of your car. Don’t let the dirty soap sit,  be sure to wash away the scum right after you scrub before you move on to the next tire.

  4. Dry away the wetness with a terry cloth! Microfiber detailing towels are great to finish off your tire with a wonderful and clean look.

  5. Put wax on! In the same manner that you wax your car with, you will apply to your tires. Wax will help to resist the dust you want to avoid, as well as other UV light that can end up breaking down the tire.

You’re done! If you can’t make it to our one-of-a-kind car wash in Loveland, be sure to clean up those dirty tires on your own to prolong them!

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