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How to Keep Your Car Clean This Summer

Summer is a busy time of year here in Colorado. Whether it’s enjoying a weekend in the mountains or catching a baseball game, chances are you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in your car these next few months. So how do you go about keeping your vehicle sparkly clean as you soak up the summertime fun?  

Here are some tips from our team at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash in Loveland.

Get rid of the trash

Before doing anything else, it’s important to throw away any trash that has accumulated in your car. Perform a thorough search and chances are you’ll find old receipts in the console, toys under the seats, and maybe even that fry you lost between the seats. Keep in mind that the amount of time it takes to complete this step depends on how much trash is inside your car.


Once you’ve gotten rid of the trash, you’re ready to start vacuuming. Don’t forget to shake out the floor mats so you can reach every nook and cranny of your vehicle’s interior. Since you’re taking the time to vacuum, you might as well get down between the seats, in the seat crevices, and on the back of sun visors.

Clean surfaces, windows, and mirrors

You’re starting to make real progress! After you finish vacuuming, wipe down hard surfaces with an all-purpose spray cleaner (you don’t necessarily have to purchase a cleaner designed specifically for cars). Once you’re done cleaning all the hard surfaces, repeat the process with the windows and mirrors. Pro tip: use wet cotton swabs for air vents, cup holders, and other hard-to-reach spots in your vehicle.

Get organized

Many drivers are guilty of having an unorganized glovebox or console. Rather than have these serve as spots for trash and other random items, we suggest putting them to good use. Your glovebox, for example, makes a great place for your roadside emergency kit.

Put in a back seat organizer

This is especially useful if you have kids. A back seat organizer has plenty of space for toys, books, games, snacks, and just about anything else your little ones may have with them in the car. Best of all, your back seat will remain clean and free of clutter!

Get a seat cover for the dog

By this point, you’ve thoroughly cleaned the inside of your car and come up with an effective way to keep the back set organized. But the job isn’t done yet if you own a dog. Few things can ruin a vehicle’s upholstery like dog hair, which is why we suggest buying a seat cover made for dogs. Trust us — not only will this protect your back sets, but it will also make vacuuming so much easier.

Cover seats during pool trips   

It never hurts to have extra towels handy in your car to cover your seats on the way home from pool trips. Believe it or not, those wet swimsuits can cause spots and stains, ruining the upholstery within minutes. So play it safe and cover the back seats.

Stop By Our Loveland Car Wash

Now that you know how to more effectively keep the inside of your car clean, how do you keep the outside spotless as well? Well, it starts with a regular car wash at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash in Loveland. For years, Northern Colorado residents have to come to us for a clean car at a low price.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Does it really make a difference which car wash I choose?” The short answer is yes. Part of what makes Speedy Sparkle stand out from other nearby car washes is that we are locally owned and operated. As Loveland residents ourselves, we treat each and every customer like family. On top of that, we are the most environmentally friendly car wash in town, meaning you don’t have to worry about wasting resources.

At Speedy Sparkle, there is no “one-size-fits-all” car wash. You’ll see the moment you walk in our door that we have a number of packages available depending on how much you’re wanting to spend and how much time you have to spare. Choose from the Diamond Deluxe Service Wash to the Speedy Exterior Wash and packages in between.

The Speedy Sparkle Unlimited Wash Club

Wouldn’t it be great to have a vehicle that’s showroom-fresh all summer long? Now you can thanks to the Unlimited Wash Club at Speedy Sparkle! Take your pick from these four Unlimited Wash options:

  • Shine On! Unlimited Wash ($34.95) – Come by for as many of our Unlimited Basic Wash as you want in addition to wheel cleanings, our scrub and tire shine package, triple foam polishing, and an application of our Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant.
  • Shine On! Unlimited Basic Wash ($29.95) – Take advantage of unlimited Speedy Washes plus vacuuming, interior dusting, and window cleaning.
  • Shine On! Unlimited Speedy Wash ($16.95) – Your car or truck will reap the benefits of our Unlimited Speedy Light Wash in addition to our spot-free rinse and towel dry.
  • Shine On! Unlimited Speedy Light Wash ($9.95) – For about the cost of buying lunch out, you can have a clean vehicle whenever you want! Customers who choose this option will receive an unlimited Tunnel Wash and blow dry.

We look forward to seeing you at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash in Loveland this summer! Be sure to ask about our auto detailing service as well!   

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