If You Think it is Greener to Wash Your Car at Home Rather Than Taking it to a Loveland Car Wash, You May Want to Reconsider

If you think it is greener to wash your car at home rather than taking it to a Loveland car wash, you may want to reconsider. Here are a few reasons why taking your car to a car wash is greener than washing it at home.

If you are like most, washing your car at home means holding a rag in one hand and a hose with running water in the other, by no means a good way to conserve a precious resource. Depending on the flow of water from your hose, you could be wasting up to one hundred gallons of water with each car wash. In most cases, commercial car washes use between 40 and 60 gallons of water per vehicle, a big savings as you can clearly see. In addition, the water you use to wash your car at home gets unceremoniously washed away in the gutters. It basically just gets washed away in the sewer. Most commercial car washes capture their water, and reuse it on the spot or sends it to be recycled. Yet another way they save water.

The water used to get your car clean will likely contain an array of pollutants, which wind up in the sewer. Ultimately, this polluted water will wind up in a river, a pond or even in your drinking water. Commercial car washes recycle their water or reuse it, meaning it never pollutes the water supply. This way, we don’t cause problems for the turtles, fish and other wildlife that depend on ponds and rivers for their livelihood.

In a nutshell, save the turtles by taking your dirty car to a car wash.

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