Introducing Sparkle Shield™

Sparkle Shield is a unique and proprietary service from Speedy Sparkle Car Wash. We are pleased to introduce Sparkle Shield to you! 

A Shine you can see! Protection you can feel!

Sparkle Shield is a new and unique way to care for and protect your car. Sparkle Shield gives you a shine you can see and protection you can feel.

What is Sparkle Shield and why do I need it?

Sparkle Shield is a special two-step process with nature and science working hand in hand. Step One is our specially formulated Hot Wax, which includes nature’s best and most durable wax for shine and durability – carnauba wax. It is specially formulated and applied to allow this awesome product to bring out the natural sparkle on your vehicle.  You will love our special hot wax formula’s effect on your car, giving it a shine you can see.  

Step Two provides the extraordinary benefits of 21st century chemistry with our ceramic coating-based protection applied to your vehicle. These special positively charged ions lock and bond onto the negatively charged surface of your vehicle. The ionic lock provides tough protection – a shield for your car. Of course, this ceramic shield sheds water more quickly. A greater plus of this hydrophobic surface tension is that its seal adds a layer of durable protection for your clear coat paint finish. Our ceramic coat protects from the acids in splatted bugs and bird droppings, shielding your car from tree saps and other damaging environmental fallout, making it easier to clean away. 

This awesome one-two punch of our proprietary Sparkle Shield provides a shine and protection for your car never before available at your local car wash. Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is proud to make Sparkle Shield available to our customers as part of a special, superior wash package, which you can also upgrade to a monthly unlimited plan for just the cost of a single Sparkle Shield application. Let us be your car care partner!

The proof is on the paint!

We’re so confident in our Sparkle Shield Proprietary Ceramic coating Process, we want you to see what it does! Here are photos of an 11-year-old Honda Pilot before and after a single application of Sparkle Shield. You can see the dramatically enhanced shine and when I took the picture, I was amazed by the ultra-glassy smooth finish shielding my vehicle. 


I love how it makes my Gladiator shine!


It’s like having a full length mirror, only on a truck I’m glad you talked me into this, I love it!

10/10! We always like it here and my daughter loved the light show!
It looks like a brand new car again! It filled in the scratches on my trim which is awesome.
It’s really great to see a shiny, clean car!