It’s Fall In Fort Collins: 3 Reasons You Need Auto Detailing This Season

Summer is over and kids have been back to school for a couple of weeks now. While you might have been able to go the summer without auto detailing, fall is here and it’s definitely time to start up some frequent full-service cleaning of the car, both inside and out. Well, especially the inside! Why? Here are three good reasons to have your car detailed frequently.

The Snacks

If your kids spent the days of summer at home, there might not have been a specific time they were getting up. Perhaps they slept in, and then you casually took them to playdates or daycare. But now that fall is here and school has started, there’s more than one day when you’re running yourself ragged and the only breakfast they’re going to get is a Pop Tart in the car. Breakfast in a car can be, shall we say, crumby.

And let’s admit it, in summer they probably dropped their fair share of snacks as well: pretzels, Cheerios, popcorn, and chips, as well as the really messy stuff like ice cream and Otter Pops. Get summer out of your upholstery before you get too deep into fall!

The Extra Kids

In summer, you were probably ferrying just your own kids around. They made a mess, sure, but nothing compared to the mess even more kids will make are you start carpooling to soccer games, bringing other people’s kids home for post-school playdates, and “doing other parents favors” by watching their kids for an hour. The more kids you have in your vehicle, the more it’s going to need full-service auto detailing…and more often.

The Wet Leavesauto detail 2

2016 wasn’t nearly as rainy in Fort Collins as 2015 was, so the floorboards of your car probably didn’t get as dirty this summer. But when fall comes and brings with it the rain, sleet, and wet snow, you and everyone who steps into your car will be bringing a lot more leaves and dirt into the car. Here at Speedy Sparkle, we can get those dirty leaves and mud out of your car with a thorough full-service auto detail. Wet shoes will also grab more dust from your garage floor and deposit it right onto your vehicle’s floorboards.

Fall brings with it many challenges that summer just didn’t have. Now that you’re moving more people around town and the weather gets cooler, you’ll want more auto detailing to keep your vehicle a pleasant place for everyone. Stop by Speedy Sparkle and we’ll make it look great as often as you’d like!




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