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It’s Review Time! Responding to Google Reviews For Our Full Service Car Wash

Here’s something that we haven’t done for a while. Every so often we like to take a look at what customers are saying about us and reply to their comments, concerns, and compliments. After all, the only way we’re going to get better is to listen to what our customers are saying and tweak our business appropriately. We’re very happy to say we get many more good comments than bad, but we’re always willing to learn!

Let’s take a look at some comments that have been posted on Google reviews during the previous two months, starting with Sven who gave us a review just a week ago.

“Super friendly, professional and convenient. Great location on one of the major thoroughfares in Loveland. The monthly unlimited is a great deal. When my car is clean I feel like I am more motivated to face the next thing on my list of tasks.”

— Sven Daniel Severin

Thanks for writing your review, Sven. We’re glad you found our staff so friendly and professional. We only hire the best!

We can’t deny that we’re in a great location. In fact, we took a look at at Google maps and it would be harder to find a more centralized location for the citizens of Loveland. (We also host quite a few people coming from Fort Collins who are looking for the best full-service auto detailing around.) And when you’re driving by, you certainly can’t miss our fluorescent green building!

We also think our car wash club is a great option, but we like to hear other people say it too. It eliminates the need for car wash coupons and keeps your car looking great. While we see most people in here for a car wash every week, the car wash club can be used every day if you want.

Your final point is one that we could write an entire article about (and maybe we will some day). You say “when my car is clean I feel like I am more motivated to face the next thing on my list of tasks.” We’ve heard of “clean house, clean mind” before, and we can certainly relate to how a clean car can make you feel like that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Now let’s find out what Katalina has to say.

“They always do a great job of keeping up my car but it had gotten really dirty so I decided to pay a little more for a car detail and they did an incredible job. Not too pricey and totally worth it! I’m very satisfied. Not to mention the wonderful customer service! Thanks guys!”

— Katalina Gaona

Thanks for the kind words, Katalina. You mention that you pay a little more but that “it’s totally worth it.” We admit, we’re not the cheapest full service car wash in Loveland, nor do we strive to be. Our goal is to be the best; charging less would mean providing worse service, and we’re not going to do that. We’re going to keep delivering the best customer service around, because we know that quality lasts longer and provides each customer with a reason to come back.

We’d like to once again thank Katalina and Sven for writing in and telling us about their experiences. Sounds like they’d both suggest Northern Coloradoans stop by and give us a visit!



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