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Looking For Car Wash Coupons? We’ve Got Tons Of Discounts Right Here

savings-300x171We get it…you want to get a deal, and we can’t blame you. That’s why we’ve created a number of promotions to get you into our car wash…after all, we know once you try us you’ll keep coming back. So check out these car wash coupons and promotions.

Cash Cards: If you want to save money with every wash, buy one of our Cash Cards. With these you get a great list of perks and discounts. They never expire and are replaceable if lost. Just present the card when you get service and you can save between 5-20%, which can mean saving of up to $20 or more!

Birthday Club: Hey, you get loads of other free stuff when your birthday comes around…why not a free basic full service car wash! When you sign up for our birthday club, that’s exactly what you’ll get. You’ll also get special club member saving, so be sure to sign up next time you’re at Speedy Sparkle.

Clean Machine Loyalty Card: We love to reward our frequent customers, and that’s what our Clean Machine Loyalty Card is all about. It’s simple…just bring it in every time you get a car wash and we’ll give it a punch. Pay for 9 and the 10th one is on us…it’s just that simple!

Texting Club: Don’t miss out on our special offers! All you have to do is text “speedysparkle” to 39970 and we’ll send you promotions, discounts, and car wash coupons that you can use next time you stop by. No printing, no paper waste, no reason not to sign up!

Check Your Mailbox: We’re all about technology like our texting club and this great website, but there’s nothing wrong with a little traditional marketing. Be sure to check your mailbox and the Reporter Herald to check for our coupons

Unlimited Car Wash Club – If you want to keep your car looking its absolute best, this is what you need. Our Unlimited Car Wash Club is exactly what it sounds like…unlimited car washes! You can come in once a day, once a week, or once a month…we’ll be happy to see you! There are three basic packages…Unlimited Speedy Wash (exterior only), Unlimited Basic Wash (wash + interior auto detailing of vacuuming and dusting), and Unlimited Ultimate Wash (Super Wash + wheel package + weather shield protecting sealant). No matter which one you choose, your vehicle can be looking good every day of every season, 24/7/365 (or, this year, 366). You can sign up right here.

We’re dedicated to bringing Loveland the best full-service car wash available in the entire region, and we hope you’ll stop in to find out just how important your car is to us. Use these promotions and you’re sure to stop by again and again. Find all of our promotions and car wash coupons right here!

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