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Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Your Car

Until now, you’ve never really given much thought to washing your car. But the reality is that improper cleaning techniques can actually damage the exterior of your vehicle. Not to worry, though, as the Speedy Sparkle team is here to help.

Read on for five mistakes to avoid when washing your vehicle.

Washing at random

At Speedy Sparkle, we recommend maintaining a sound washing pattern from start to finish. Start from the top of your car and wash downward. Be sure to also swap out clean towels to avoid smearing dirt or rubbing tough debris into your paint. Trust us when we say the more consistent your washing pattern, the better your ride will look when you’re done.

Using the wrong products

Your first thought might be to grab a dish soap or household cleaner from the kitchen and call it good enough. But what many car owners don’t realize is that these products tend to oxidize a vehicle’s paint, strip the clear coat, and make the paint appear duller. Rather than risk damaging your vehicle’s exterior, only use car wash-approved products.

Washing at the wrong time of day

While we certainly appreciate the 300 days of sun in Colorado, your vehicle does not. Keep in mind that washing your car or truck in the heat of the day can cause the cleaning product to dry before you’re able to wash it off. You’ll also find yourself using more water and dealing with more water spots when you wash your car in the middle of the day. So do your ride a solid and wash it either early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Using improper drying techniques

Water spots are not your friend. But how do you go about preventing them without scratching your vehicle’s paint? Your best bet is to use microfiber towels or other soft options that are also absorbent. One more piece of advice with this one is to not let the sun dry the water for you.

Rushing through your carpets

Between the dirt and grease, your vehicle’s carpets can be an absolute nightmare to clean. Sure, most drivers take the easy way out by using harsh chemicals to remove these stains. But unless you take the time to rinse this soap out, you’re basically inviting more dirt and grime. So either take the time yourself to wash, rinse, and dry the carpet or leave the task in the hands of an auto detailing expert.

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