No More Water Spots!

Have you ever run though a quick automated car wash, excited about how slick your car is going to look, only to disappointedly notice it covered with water spots? The mineral deposits that remain after water is left to dry on your car are not only unsightly, they can ultimately damage your vehicle’s paint.

We employ the latest in Car Wash technology so that your car will be spotless after a trip to Speedy Sparkle. We have two rinse bars. The first bar flushes all of the soaps off of your vehicle, leaving only the drying agent. This helps the water to bead, and effortlessly shed off your vehicle.

The second bar is where the magic really happens, the Spot Free Rinse! We use reverse osmosis to treat the water, removing all of the minerals and impurities. Our system is capable of producing over 5,000 gallons of mineral, and dissolved solid free water every day!

If that wasn’t enough, nearly every service at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is finished with a hand dry. We use paint safe, thick nap towels to make sure that every curve and body detail of your vehicle is gleaming. Let us worry about keeping the water spots at bay, it’s what we do!

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