Shine On! Unlimited Wash Club FAQs

The Shine On! Unlimited Wash Club offers an unlimited number of car washes per month for a very low monthly rate!

Yes, membership is month to month; there are no long term contracts. You can cancel or change your subscription whenever you’d like. When you cancel your subscription, you can continue washing until when your next monthly billing date would be.
Yes, each car needs its own membership with its own barcode tag, but multiple cars can be entered under the same credit card and name.
Yes, it is an automatic monthly charge that will be billed on the day of the month that you signed up, each month. There is no commitment necessary, you can cancel any time before your recharge date each month.
Pricing varies by what level of wash you want, but monthly plans start at $10/month for a basic tunnel wash and go up to $44/month for a complete full service wash.
Yes! It is truly an UNLIMITED number of washes!
Yes, you will only be charged the difference between the single wash price of your unlimited wash and the upgraded wash price.

To cancel you can either come into the wash, call, or email [email protected] (Louisville) or [email protected] (Loveland). Just tell us your first and last name and barcode if it is visible! Please remember to cancel on or prior to the day before your billing date as the automatic recharge happens in the early morning of the billing date.