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The Evils of Magnesium Chloride

Did you know that the Colorado Department of Transportation recommends washing your vehicle once a week during winter, more if it snows?

That is because magnesium chloride is used to prevent roads from icing over. While we are all grateful for safer driving conditions, mag chloride can really damage your vehicle if left to sit. Not only does it corrode chrome and alloy, it eats away at the wires and hoses underneath your car, including brake lines!

The key to keeping yourself safe and maintaining the value of your vehicle this winter is frequent washes. Especially if you often find yourself driving in the mountains.  The Shine On! Unlimited Wash Club is an efficient and cost effective way to ensure that your car gets the care it needs. As a member, you can get unlimited washes starting at just $16.95 a month.

With unlimited car washes, and no commitment, you can really let the Shine On! Unlimited Wash Club take care of you and your vehicle, all winter, or all year long!

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