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The Importance of Detailing Your Car

Think back to the last time you had your car or truck detailed. Maybe you wanted to impress someone like a client or date. On the other hand, perhaps you had your vehicle detailed to simply increase its resale value.

What many drivers don’t realize, though, is that auto detailing provides more than just cosmetic benefits. Here are five reasons why you should invest in this service:

It extends the life of your car’s paint

Regular cleaning, polishing, and waxing keep your car looking showroom-fresh. So what happens if you never detail your vehicle? Well, over time, rust and corrosion will completely ruin the paint.

At Speedy Sparkle in Loveland, we offer polish and paint restoration with several of our packages. Our staff also invites you to ask about our polymer polish and paint sealant, both of which are part of the Premium Detail Package. Contact Speedy Sparkle today to schedule your appointment.

It gets rid of salt deposits

Meteorologists forecast a snowier than average winter and spring for Northern Colorado. Unfortunately, that means it’s time to prepare for clueless drivers, icy roads, and road salt deposits. As we’ve touched on in previous posts, these deposits can build up in wheel wells and under the chassis.

It doesn’t take long for road salt to eat right through your car’s paint and cause major damage. That’s why we recommend heading to the local auto detailing shop soon after a snowstorm. It’s also a good idea to read “What Can Magnesium Chloride Do To Your Vehicle?

It improves visibility

Take a close look at your vehicle’s headlights and taillights. Are they completely clear and free of damage? The fact is that even mild deposits of grime and dirt can cause significant reductions of available light.

Don’t let dirty headlights and taillights keep you from being safe on the road this winter. Speedy Sparkle can customize an auto detailing package to meet your needs.

It improves the interior condition

Are you tired of getting into your car and getting a whiff of some funky smell? Interior detailing will take care of that. Frequent interior cleaning also protects surfaces from fading and helps prevent discoloration and cracking of dash panels.

Speedy Sparkle has the best interior detail package in town. As you can see from the infographic, not only do we clean those hard-to-reach areas, but we also vacuum, shampoo, and condition for an unbeatable detail.

It keeps your wheels and tires functioning properly

Oils, solvents, brake dust, and other chemicals can prevent your wheels and tires from running at optimum. Why risk cracking in the sidewalls or complete wheel failure due to corrosion? See what an experienced car detail professional recommends.

As part of our Exterior Detail package, Speedy Sparkle cleans tires, wheels, and wheel wells.  

Car Detailing Near Me

It’s important to know that every vehicle requires maintenance to preserve and protect their exterior, as well as deep cleaning and restorative work for their interior. Just because we live in Colorado doesn’t mean you can’t have a clean car or truck!

Call Speedy Sparkle now to ask about car detailing prices.

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