To Rain-X® or not to Rain-X®

If you have ever applied Rain-X® to your windshield, you are aware of what a great product it is. It helps to repel water off of your windshield during poor weather, creating safer driving conditions, and a better ride.

At Speedy Sparkle Car Wash, we use the Rain-X® Complete Weather Protectant, and it is much more than a glass treatment. The Complete Weather Protectant creates a chemical bond that helps to protect all of the exterior surfaces on your vehicle, including the paint, glass, plastic, and trims.

With autumn here, and winter quickly on its way, protecting your vehicle and providing a safer ride is key. Many of the washes at Speedy Sparkle come with the Rain-X® Complete Weather Protectant, including all Deluxe Service Washes, The Ultimate Full Service Wash, The Outer Limits, and the Speedy Total Protection. It can also be added to any wash a la carte for $5.95.

Our goal is to provide you with a better, safer, and faster wash and the Rain-X® Complete Weather Protectant is helping us achieve that.

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