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Top Rated Local® Car Wash Reviews From Our Fort Collins and Loveland Customers


speedysparklegallery8We talked about our ratings on Top Rated Local® before, one of the most trustworthy review sites on the web. Why is it so trustworthy? Well, first of all each and every review has to be from a verified customer, so there’s much less chance that our competitors are stopping by the site just to trash up out of spite. Second, TRL is not like some companies who will hold back positive reviews unless you pay to reveal them (an unscrupulous tactic of some of the biggest review sites on the web).

We’re always happy to respond to the reviews we get on Top Rated Local® and to address any concerns that our customers have. Here are a few responses we’ve gotten recently regarding our car wash from our Loveland and Fort Collins customers.

Always quick and fast to service my car and they do an excellent job.”

— Richard M.

Fast and simple review for our fast service…we like it! It’s this combination of excellent service and a quick turnaround time that we pride ourselves on. More staff means that you’ll be in and out faster than any other full-service car wash.

Friendly, professional and quality service!

— Heidi P.

There’s that quality service compliment again; we never get tired of hearing that! We’re also always happy to hear that you’ve received friendly service, as that’s one criteria we use for hiring our employees. We also believe that presenting ourselves as the most professional auto detailing in Fort Collins and Loveland is a positive feedback loop, making everyone who works here act in the most professional way possible.

Consistently quick service and I like the monthly unlimited program.”

— Greg L.  

We’re pretty happy with our monthly unlimited program as well, allowing our Car Wash Club customers to come back as many times as they want to get their car touched up throughout the month. No car wash coupons to deal with, no hassles with money. Simply show your card and you’re ready for an unlimited express wash!

People at that car wash are efficient and courteous”

— Joseph L.

There’s a subtle distinction between being friendly and being courteous. Friendly is easier to pull off…simply smile and be nice. But when someone is courteous, they’re actually doing something for you. That means going the extra mile and providing service that wasn’t asked for.

Nice place, friendly people, good value, wish we had one in Greeley!

— Colleen J.

All things we like to hear. And while most of our car wash customer are coming from the 287 strip between Fort Collins and Longmont, we certainly do have quite a few people who are willing to make the drive from Greeley. Hey, it’s only about 15 miles, right? Maybe someday we’ll open a second location in Greeley, but until then thanks for stopping by whenever you can!


There you have it. If you’d like to visit our Top Rated Local® page and leave your own review, you can find it right here. We’d love to hear from your and your experience with our full-service car wash.




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