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Tough Stains We Come Across in Cars

The inside of our cars get used pretty heavily. Whether you’re using your car to get to and from work or you’re tackling a road trip across the states, you can guarantee that your car will wind up with some stains — no matter how hard you try to avoid them. 

Here at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash in Loveland, we provide our customers with quality auto detailing services so that stains don’t stick around for long. In today’s blog, our team is going to go over a few of the toughest stains that we come across while detailing cars. Let’s dive right in.


Given that many of us are driving to and from work, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that coffee is one of the most common stains that we come across. Unfortunately, coffee spills pretty easily and, given the fact that you’re usually driving when it does spill, it can be difficult to clean up in a timely manner. When coffee sits for too long, it can leave a pretty noticeable stain, especially if your upholstery is on the lighter end. This is one of those situations where you could go without coffee to avoid the chances of a stain, but why would you want to?


If you have kids, then there’s a pretty good chance you know just how difficult it is to get crayon stains out and how easy it is for them to happen. All it takes is a couple of loose crayons that didn’t make their way back into the house on a hot summer day for your car to have new pops of color on the upholstery. This is one of the more unfortunate messes that happen on the inside of a car for the simple fact that it is so incredibly difficult to take care of. For many who try to remove this stain, it only gets worse. In the case that your little one contributed to the look of your car, let our team help fix the problem!


So many are surprised at the fact that dirt can actually cause stains on upholstery, but the truth is that it does! Even though dirt is something that is relatively easy to get out of our clothes, it is pretty darn difficult to get out of upholstery. This is usually because the dirt that makes its way into our cars is pushed down into the carpet of our car or wet when it winds up on our seat. This is why it usually sticks around so much longer than we’d expect. Again, having a professional detail your car and tend to dirt stains will usually provide you the results you’re looking for while DIY cleaning tactics can make the mess a bit bigger.


Whether you’re working on your car and accidentally touch the upholstery in the interior or someone working on your car managed to get oil on the interior, this is an incredibly challenging stain to get out of fabric. This is yet another stain that is incredibly difficult to get on without the experience and knowledge of a professional detailer. If you have a lighter upholstery and try to clean an oil stain on your own, chances are high that you’ll wind up smearing it or making it stand out all the more. 


Another goodie that many parents are accustomed to finding in the interior of their car is the bright colors of smeared fruits — berries in particular. These healthy snacks, while good for a child’s soul, are not necessarily great for the interior of your car. Whether your little ones made a mess and have berries all over their fingers or one lone berry stuck around inside your car, these little pieces of fruit can leave quite the stain on the inside of your vehicle. Let our team of detailers tackle it for you and get your car looking good as new.

Get Your Car Detailed

When you have stains that are tough to get out, it’s best to trust the professionals with them. Here at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash in Loveland, our team can provide you with the very best detailing services in the area. Sign up for the Unlimited Car Wash Club online or contact us today with any questions! 

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