If you really like to keep you car clean (and there are many reasons doing so is a good idea), then our ShineOn! Car Wash Club is perfect for you. With the car wash club you get unlimited (yes, you heard that right) express car washes in our tunnel wash! So if you get a car wash on Tuesday and it gets dusty because it rained Tuesday night, you’re more than welcome to come back Wednesday and for our automatic car wash. Here are some other reasons you might stop by often.

Get the Gunk Off!: Magnesium chloride is nice in that it helps to prevent accidents in icy weather. But it certainly doesn’t help you car’s body or paint job. We’re coming to the end of winter and the days have been nice, but if this year is like every other year we’re going to have snow well into April. You’ll want to get the de-icing agents off of you vehicle as quickly as you can before they do any lasting damage.

You Don’t Have To Deal With Coupons: Car wash coupons are nice, but you have to search for them in the paper or print them out from online. Wouldn’t it just be easier to know that every time you stop by you’re getting a great deal and don’t have to worry about figuring out exactly what your discount is going to be?

There’s No Contract: