We’ve been serving the people of Northern Colorado for many years now, and after all this time it’s become obvious…we’re in the right place! Speedy Sparkle is proud to be part of community fundraisers and to help everyone keep their vehicles looking great, whether they need a quick express car wash or a full service wash. Here’s why we know we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Central Location: Here’s something we’re proud of…people travel to come see us. And we’re not just talking about people traveling from south Loveland or Timnath. We have customers who won’t trust their cars to any other auto detailing service. We do our best to keep every customer we ever see and make them a returning customer.

Commuters: It’s hard to beat the location when you consider how many people are taking Highway 287 between Fort Collins and Longmont. Every person on that commute passes within feet of our lime-green building every day, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for all of our commuters.

There are also a considerable amount of people who are commuting to Loveland, maybe from Greeley and maybe from Windsor, who are looking for the best full service car detail around (we’re not shy to say that it’s us).

Loveland: It’s hard to not like Loveland. It’s a great town, and while we welcome our customers from everywhere, we’re happy to stay right here. (That’s not to say we couldn’t expand some day, but we love to live in Loveland, as the old song goes.)

If you’re in Northern Colorado, we’d love to see you for auto detailing. We know that if you try us once you’ll be back. And hey, here are some promotions and car wash coupons to get you started!