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Why Car Washes Are Needed Even In A Dry Winter

Just a couple of months ago we told you about the damaging nature of magnesium chloride that crews put down when it’s snowy and icy out. We told you how it can cause your hub and your wheel to rust together and how it eats away at rubber (including brake lines!). With there being so many dangers associated with mag chloride, it’s no wonder mechanics recommend visiting a full-service car wash in order to get it off your vehicle as soon as possible.

And then it decided to not snow for months! Here we are on March 15 and we haven’t had more than two good snows so far this winter in Loveland, Fort Collins, or Greeley. The official first day of spring is just a few days away, and here it looks like mid-May in Northern Colorado. Sure, we often get a lot of snow in April and into the first of May, but for now it’s dry, dry, dry.

So, you don’t have to worry about magnesium chloride getting on your vehicles. Does that mean you don’t need to stop by your full-service car wash? Not exactly. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you might want to visit Speedy Sparkle before too long.

The Dust

When it’s dry out, what does dirt become? Dust. And when you mix dust with the Chinook Winds we’ve been experiencing, a lot of it is going to end up on your vehicle. That dust can get all over your windows and hood, eventually making its way into your vehicle’s ventilations system. From there it ends up on your dash and in your lungs, so making use of a full-service auto detail can make both your car and your body cleaner.

The Other Dust

If you’re like us, this early spring (if it indeed is one) has made us open up our house to let the warm air in. And that can get us in the mood for spring cleaning, which is also a time for spring purging. That means you’ll be hauling stuff in your car to GoodWill or ARC (just a few blocks north of our car wash). While most of us might give a cursory dusting to the items we donate, it’s likely that quite a bit of it doesn’t get removed before we take it to the donation center. And as it gets shoved into the back seat of the car or back end of the van, some of that dust is going to come off and end up on the dash.

The Yard Trimmings

Some of us here in Loveland pay for the green yard waste bins so that we can have a truck come around and take it to the composting station. But if you mulch your yard trimmings, you might decide to not pay for the bin and instead take all of your stuff over to the recycling center on Wilson. So now that it feels like spring and you’re starting to clean up the leaves that have blown behind your bushes, loading up the back of the van could leave quite a few leaves behind. Seems like an excellent time for a full-service auto detail to us!

Good weather doesn’t mean you can neglect your car’s interior or exterior. Stop by Speedy Sparkle Car Wash today!

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