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Why Getting Full Service Car Wash Is Better For The Environment

Why Getting Full Service Car Wash Is Better For The Environment

It’s starting to get cold here in Loveland, but we all know that there are a few more warm days ahead of us. And as we head into winter, you might be thinking that you’ll use those warm days to pull the car out into the driveway and give it a good car wash by hand.

While it might be a good way to waste a Saturday afternoon, we’ve got a bit of information for you that might have you rethinking your garden hose technique and instead head in for a full-service car wash.

Keep the soap out of the water system: It doesn’t matter if you’re using a professional car washing fluid or dish soap…when you wash your car in the driveway you’re letting all the water go down the street and into a storm drain,. The problem is that this water is untreated and heads straight into the water system, from storm drain to creeks to rivers to lakes to oceans.

The water we use at Speedy Sparkle Car Wash also heads down the drain, but a different drain. Our water gets treated so that the stuff that might be directly dangerous to the environment is removed first.

We use an exact amount of water: It might sound silly at first, but professional car washing is a science. We’ve made it a science so that we can use the exact amount of water necessary in order to wash your car, no more and no less. We don’t want to use any more than we have to, which protects the environment (and saves us money to boot). When you use a garden hose, you have no idea how much water you’re using and might end up rinsing off the same spot a dozen times as you see soap sliding down.

So if you’re going to wash your car, why not wash it in the most environmentally-friendly way? Stop by Speedy Sparkle Car Wash today!

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