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Why It’s Important To Use Auto Detailing For Your Commercial Vehicle

RHRC_Awards_newIf you have a vehicle that has your business name on it, think about why you got a wrap, sticker, or magnetic cling put there in the first place. The answer is obvious: to advertise your business.

So why is it so important to make sure of auto detailing if you have a business vehicle?

On the outside: When you’re stuck in traffic (no, wait, this is Loveland…you’re not getting stuck in traffic unless there’s a wreck or a train…or if you’re out by Loveland High School between 4-5…actually, Loveland is getting pretty busy, isn’t it?). Or maybe you’re at a red light, or simply parked at King Soopers. Your logo is there to not only tell people about your business, but to represent your business.

So if your car is dirty, what does that tell people? It doesn’t matter if you run a cleaning business or a garbage hauling business…your car needs to be clean or people will associate your business with being dirty.

Take advantage of our full-service car wash and we’ll be sure to take care of your logo.

On the inside: For some people, their company vehicle is just one more way to advertise and doesn’t really serve their business in any other way. But for some of you, your car is your second home. Which means you have your fair share of meals in it.

People are pretty observant, especially if your car draws attention to itself with a wrap. And they notice when they walk past it in a parking lot and see a bunch of McDonald’s wrapper and stains in a car, as well as papers cluttering the dashboard.

Bring your car into Speedy Sparkle Car Wash and we’ll make things look right to matter who’s looking into your car.



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