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Why Keep Your Car Looking Good Inside And Out With A Full Service Car Wash?


You might not care how much your car gets dinged, or how dirty it is. You might think that you’re going to run your car into the ground and that there’s really no reason to keep it looking good because, hey, you’re never going to sell it.

So let’s give you a real world example…we know of someone who didn’t treat his car right, inside or out. He’d bump doors with people, leaving paint behind or picking some up. He’s let the garage door come down on his rear bumper, leave the mag chloride on the car all winter long until it ate through the paint.

Then one day he ends up winning a new car…it was at the opening of the new mall or something. Anyway, he could have sold the new car, but after paying the taxes on it he decides “how often do you get a free new car” so he decides to keep it. And he tries to sell the old one.

Smart move: He gets the old one cleaned before he tries to sell it. Dumb move: he didn’t take care of it for all those years, so he ends up getting about $1000 less than he would have because all that stuff he left on it fused to the paint, or ate through it, and ruined the paint job.

So the moral of the story is, even if you think you might never sell your car, you might sell your car. Maybe you’re upgrading, maybe you lose your job and you downgrade. No matter what the situation, if you have to sell it you might as well get the best price for it, right?

Leaving the winter de-icers on your car for every season can cause your car to lose its resale value faster than you might think. Keep the dirt and grime off with a full service car wash from Speedy Sparkle Car Wash in Loveland.


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