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Wrap Up That Garden Hose, Put Away That Bucket and Have Your Auto Detailing Done at the Only Full-Service Car Wash in Loveland

Studies from around the country have found that washing your car in your driveway leads to the release of any number of pollutants into the storm sewer. These pollutants range from gasoline and diesel fuel to motor oil and any number of other nasty stuff that you really don’t want floating down your street. This is bad enough in your neighborhood, but think about the implications these pollutants hold for a city, or even for our country. You might just be a little surprised to know that professional car washes are typically a much more greener option for keeping your car clean. So wrap up that garden hose, put away that bucket and have your auto detailing done at the only full-service car wash in Loveland.

In as little as five minutes, that hose you turned on to clean your car will spill out as much as 60 gallons, whereas most professional car washes recycle the water, thus virtually eliminating waste. That is a far cry from the 115 gallons of water the average homeowner uses to wash their car just one time. This means that even the most eco-conscious car owner can breathe a sigh of relief when bringing in their car for a professional washing. And you can have your car washed more often without suffering the guilt of destroying the rivers and streams.

So, instead of hooking up the garden hose and grabbing that bucket, you can easily opt to have your car professionally cleaned. Not only will you save our precious water supply, you won’t wind up tweaking your back or re-injuring your bad football knee. Definitely a win-win alternative.


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