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3 Reasons Winter Brings Everyone Into Our Full Service Car Wash

While we haven’t had too much snow here in northern Colorado beyond what dropped about three weeks ago, there’s no doubt that a lot more is still coming. And while we had an unusually long fall, the last few days have gotten very cold, dipping into the teens (and even lower with the wind chill). Winter is here, and we won’t be saying goodbye to it until April.

Winter brings with it a number of challenges when it comes to car care, all of which we’re ready for at our full-service car wash. Why do we see so many people during winter who might never show up during the other seasons?

Washing Gets Harder

As much as we’ve detailed the negative environmental effects of washing your vehicle in the driveway, some people still do it. After all, at our car wash we use less water and prevent the soapy water and detergents from going straight into our waterways. So if you haven’t read the blog at that link above, click it and discover why using professional car wash services is better for the world.

But even those who wash their own cars in summer aren’t doing it in winter. Why? First of all there’s the hose situation. You can’t leave the hose attached to the house because it will freeze and burst. The same goes for the nozzle. You have to drain the hose every time you use it, which is a hassle.

Second, the cold water can freeze on your car. While this might not cause your car any harm, it could freeze your doors shut! We’ll blow most of the water off so that it’s not going to cause you any inconvenience.

winter-side-page-content-image-12-13-16Third, bodies get cold! The temperature is low, and then you add freezing water to the equation. You might wear gloves, but the spray of water that’s refreshing in the middle of summer is your worst enemy in winter! And speaking of being cold…

Detailing Is Cold Work

The inside of cars get messier in winter. People have colds, which means tissues pile up. Coffee and cocoa are even more popular during the cold months, and dead leaves and dirty snowmelt gets brought in on wet shoes. Car detailing gets neglected because the priority of “get into the warm house” beats “grab the trash.”

The fact is, cars get cold. You might decide to do your own auto detailing in the garage, but the garage is freezing, and you’re not getting warmed by the sun. But if you park in the driveway you’re suddenly buffeted by the wind, which is not only cold but can shut the car door on your legs or the Shop Vac cord. And that doesn’t even mention the hearing damage that can result from using the vacuum in an enclosed space.

How do you get your car clean while staying warm at the same time? Stop by our full-service car detail and wait in our warm waiting room while we do the work!

Soap Can Freeze

Here’s a small but important point. Even if you brave the cold to wash your own car, your car wash soap might freeze. Most soap freezes just below the freezing point of water, so if your garage is cold you’re going to have to wait until the soap unfreezes to use it at all.

We’re ready to tackle any problems that winter throws at you and your car. Stop by Speedy Sparkle Car Wash today!

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