A Better Wash at Speedy Sparkle!

As you have most likely seen, Speedy Sparkle Car Wash will be implementing a price increase on August 1st, 2015. Price changes are a necessary evil of doing business, for both producers, and consumers.

As the cost of doing business rises, so must the prices. It is important to us that our customers understand, that along with higher prices, you are getting a better wash.

Since Speedy Sparkle Car Wash was rebuilt in 2009 we have committed ourselves to providing a better, faster, and safer wash. We have done so by installing top of the line Belanger tunnel equipment, a powerful Vacutech vacuum system, and most recently, we have begun using Zep Vehicle Care wash products.

Zep demonstrated to us in tests that we could do a better job of removing bugs and grime, shedding water, and protecting your car. This upgrade includes a switch to the Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant. This product contains the same water repellant that Rain-X is known for AND a complete surface protectant that treats the paint, trim, and chrome! This is the top selling all-surface protectant made, and we are proud to use it.

The Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant will be included in all Deluxe Service Washes, the Ultimate Full Service Wash, and can be purchased a la carte and added to the wash of your choice.

Thank you for choosing Speedy Sparkle for a better, faster, and safer wash!

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