3 Upcoming Events You’ll Want To Precede with Auto Detailing

A couple of months ago we gave you a bunch of reasons why you want to invest in a bit of car detailing before going out on a Valentine’s Day date. After all, you want your date to be impressed by all you’ve done for them, not be distracted by a dusty, messy car. It’s true whether you’re going on a first date or have been married for 50 years. That article got us thinking about some more of the upcoming holidays and events that are coming up that might necessitate a trip to a top-rated car wash and auto [...]

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Getting A Full Service Auto Detail In Fort Collins Can Prevent Problems

  You might be putting off getting your full-service auto detail done. After all, is it really that important to clean our your car? Well, to be honest...yes, it can be! Here are three reasons to get your car detailed sooner rather than later. Your Glass Visibility is incredibly important when driving a vehicle. While you might be taking care of your windshield every time you fill up with glass, you’re not getting the inside of the glass. Stuff can build up on the inside of your windows and windshield and cause weird glares to occur when you’re driving into [...]

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What’s Hiding in Your Carpet?

What's Hiding in Your Carpet? Have you ever been house hunting, walked into a house, and known right away that the occupants smoked, or had multiple pets? It can be a real turn off, and the same goes for your car. A clean and tidy interior is the best way to protect your vehicular investment and enjoy your ride. Carpets act like a trap for pollutants and dirt. The more you use them, the more they collect, and dirt is abrasive. Every time you step on dirty carpet you are wearing down the fibers, damaging your car, and even damaging [...]

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A Better Wash at Speedy Sparkle!

As you have most likely seen, Speedy Sparkle Car Wash will be implementing a price increase on August 1st, 2015. Price changes are a necessary evil of doing business, for both producers, and consumers. As the cost of doing business rises, so must the prices. It is important to us that our customers understand, that along with higher prices, you are getting a better wash. Since Speedy Sparkle Car Wash was rebuilt in 2009 we have committed ourselves to providing a better, faster, and safer wash. We have done so by installing top of the line Belanger tunnel equipment, a [...]

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Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Spring Cleaning is just as important for your car as it is for your home. Every time you enter your car, you track in dirt, gravel, and debris. Add in the winter slush and chemicals, and chances are, you’ve given your car mats and carpet a workout over the last few months. A clean interior is not only pleasing to look at and a more comfortable drive, it also helps to protect your investment. Let Speedy Sparkle Car Wash take care of your car’s interior for you. We have several options available that will make your time spent on the [...]

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A Wash a Day Keeps the Dirt Away…

Regular washing is not just about keeping up the appearance of your vehicle, it's about keeping the value. Salt, dirt, and magnesium chloride WILL damage your car if left unattended. It can be easy to play the waiting game when it comes to washing your car this time of year; "I'll go to the car wash after the next snow," or "I'll wash my car at home the next warm day." These can be dangerous practices. Leaving salt and chemicals on your car for any amount of time can lead to corrosion and rust. The beauty of our "Shine On" [...]

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