Getting A Full Service Auto Detail In Fort Collins Can Prevent Problems


speedysparklegallery15You might be putting off getting your full-service auto detail done. After all, is it really that important to clean our your car? Well, to be honest…yes, it can be! Here are three reasons to get your car detailed sooner rather than later.

Your Glass

Visibility is incredibly important when driving a vehicle. While you might be taking care of your windshield every time you fill up with glass, you’re not getting the inside of the glass. Stuff can build up on the inside of your windows and windshield and cause weird glares to occur when you’re driving into the sun. A simple cleaning can prevent that crash. But if you do have a crash, you want a clean car. Why?

Projectile Safety

Eventually, everyone will be in some sort of car crash. It might just be a fender bender or it might be something as serious as a rollover. Either way, you don’t want stuff just sitting in your backseat waiting to become a projectile. While tissues and Starbucks cups don’t pose much of a risk, you’ll notice that windshield scraper once all of that trash is removed, reminding you to toss it in the trunk.

Pathogen Removal

You might clean your bathroom, but there are just as many pathogens on the parts of your car that you touch. One day you’re taking your dog to the park, picking up its poop, and driving home. The next day you’re touching the same steering wheel as you pull into the drive-through and eat in the car. We will clean your surfaces so that the stuff that makes you sick exits your car.

Speedy Sparkle Car Wash is ready to reduce the amount of problems that can arise from a dirty car. For the best in full-service auto detail, stop by today!



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