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A Wash a Day Keeps the Dirt Away…

Regular washing is not just about keeping up the appearance of your vehicle, it’s about keeping the value. Salt, dirt, and magnesium chloride WILL damage your car if left unattended.

It can be easy to play the waiting game when it comes to washing your car this time of year; “I’ll go to the car wash after the next snow,” or “I’ll wash my car at home the next warm day.” These can be dangerous practices. Leaving salt and chemicals on your car for any amount of time can lead to corrosion and rust.

The beauty of our “Shine On” unlimited wash program is that you needn’t put off washing your vehicle! Going to snow twice in the next week or so? Doesn’t matter! Bring it in before, in between, and after, to keep those nasty chemicals off your vehicle’s finish.

So you see, preventing damage can easily be done with regular washes, just make sure that they include the undercarriage as well. Many of our washes come with an undercarriage wash and the Weather Shield Shine Protecting Sealant PLUS Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor can be added a la carte for just $4.95. Cleaning your car isn’t something that you need to worry about, let us do that for you! 

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