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And Now A Word From Our Car Wash and Auto Detailing Customers!


Every so often we like to take the time to respond to some of our customers’ comments, concerns, and (our favorite) compliments. Let’s delve into the mailbag and discover what people want us to know about their car wash and auto detailing experiences.


“The employees are always friendly and efficient and my car always looks good at completion. The cost is a bit high, so I do not get carwashes as often as I would like to.”

— Phyllis K.

Thanks, Phyllis, for noticing just how friendly our car wash employees are. We go through a very stringent hiring process to find the best employees from Loveland and Fort Collins. In the local car wash world, Speedy Sparkle is a coveted place to work. We get a lot of applications.

We also train our employees very thoroughly with the latest cleaning agents and methods in full-service car detailing. Not only that, but we also train them on the best way to interact with customers. We want you coming back for the clean and for the service!

Finally, we understand that our prices can be higher than that of some car washes in the area. Because we’re hiring the best people and using the best cleaners on your car, it’s true that our prices are going to be a bit more. We think the quality you get more than makes up for the slightly higher cost.


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“Even when there’s a line, my car receives excellent attention, as promptly as possible.”

— Erika

We’re glad you wrote in, Erika. It’s true, Speedy Sparkle is a busy place, especially in summer. Like we said above, we’re a popular place to work, but we’re also a popular place to get your full-service auto detail performed. We’ll move you through the line as quickly as possible, and while you’re waiting you can also read through this blog on what to do while you’re waiting (how meta is that?!) Also, if possible, avoid the weekends. Summer is our busiest time, and you can’t put off a car wash all summer. But you might be able to avoid weekends with our extended summer hours.  

“Always great service”

— Gene B.

Thanks, Gene! We do our best for every customer who drives up.


If you’ve never used Speedy Sparkle before, we hope these customer testimonials have helped you make the decision on scheduling an appointment. See you soon!




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